Ryuu ga Gotoku Implication

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The bulk update request #13077 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication ryuu_ga_gotoku_7 -> ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series)
create implication ryuu_ga_gotoku_kiwami -> ryuu_ga_gotoku_1
create implication ryuu_ga_gotoku_kenzan -> ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series)
create implication ryuu_ga_gotoku_of_the_end -> ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series)
create implication ryuu_ga_gotoku_isshin -> ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series)

I'm not familiar with this series but other installments of the series have implications. If not all then I think Ryuu ga Gotoku 7 should at least be implied since it's a main part of the series.

Edit: changed ryuu_ga_gotoku_kiwami -> ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series) to ryuu_ga_gotoku_kiwami -> ryuu_ga_gotoku_1 as per replies.


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