Patreon/paywalled posts count as multiple_sources?

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Im aware it is not allowed to post paywalled content here, thats not what im asking about. As per the wiki page:

Posts with two or more sources, i.e. the same image found on multiple websites such as Pixiv, DeviantArt, Twitter, etc

So if something is only found on twitter and patreon, would this tag still be applicable? What about other sites like Gumroad?

I don't see any example of that tag being used with paywalled sources after some poking around. I would think that tag should only be used for public sources, because what's the point of knowing about the other source if you can't access it? And if I'm looking for paywalled content, I would use the paid_reward_available tag.

Given there can only be one image source the public one is definitely preferred. However I could see this useful for say, an artist uploading part of a variant set with the rest being paywalled for people who want to seek it out. That does however depend on the images being bit-perfect, and it's fairly common for public ones to be lower resolution or watermarked and such. Artists will sometimes link to the paywall version anyway.