Can this be deleted?

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You can check topic #22285 to see some of the ways people spot whether the post is AI-generated or not. Right off the bat, I can tell two things that this post has as heavily alarming points of being AI-generated:

#1 512x512 resolution is a common AI template resolution

#2 If you go to the Pixiv page of that image again, it is tagged with "AI-generated". It is safe to assume if an image is tagged as such, it most likely is.

sadodere said:

And for future reference, how can I know if it's ai-generated or not?

Check the tags at the source, it'll usually say if it's AI generated and mention the generator used. For cases where someone tries to pass AI images as their own art, there's a list of telltale signs of AI in the AI-generated wiki.

Also for future reference, if you ever accidentally upload something you didn't mean to, you can just self flag the post and let it go through the queue for deletion.

The ends of her side bangs and her left hand are dead giveaways. Shapes that are weirdly transparent/amorphous or seem to start and stop suddenly like that are never drawn by humans. Complex details like the bows on her hips, the sunflower petals, and her eyelashes are good places to check, as well. Examining details closely for vaguness or asymmetry is the best way to spot an AI-generated image even if it's untagged.