Reorganize Queen's Blade tags

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The bulk update request #13470 has been approved by @nonamethanks.


create alias menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
remove alias menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create implication ancient_princess_menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create implication queen_of_amara_menace -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create implication menace_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> menace_(queen's_blade)
create alias elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
remove alias elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
rename elina_(captain_of_the_royal_guard) -> captain_of_the_royal_guard_elina
create implication captain_of_the_royal_guard_elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
create implication ruler_of_fangs_elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
create implication shadow_tracker_elina -> elina_(queen's_blade)
create alias leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
remove alias leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
create implication exiled_warrior_leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
create implication phantom_warrior_leina -> leina_(queen's_blade)
create implication leina_(queen's_blade_unlimited) -> leina_(queen's_blade)

For some reason, the tags of Menace from Queen's Blade is mostly neglected unlike the other QB characters. Since there are now several characters named "Menace", I think a qualifier is needed.

Also, since it seems that variants of the same character is getting the same treatment as Azur Lane's skin tags, I think Menace's variants should be implied to the main tag as well.

As a side note, I think I will started working on Queen's Blade character tags, since it's currently quite messy to be honest.

Edit: Added tags for Leina and Elina.


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  • The bulk update request #13915 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

    rename goldie -> goldie_(queen's_blade)
    rename branwen -> branwen_(queen's_blade)
    create alias lunaluna_(queen's_blade) -> luna_luna_(queen's_blade)
    rename nowa -> nowa_(queen's_blade)
    create implication forest_keeper_nowa -> nowa_(queen's_blade)
    create alias tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)
    remove alias tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)
    create implication musha_miko_tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)
    create alias sword_saint_priestess_tomoe -> kensei-miko_tomoe
    create implication kensei-miko_tomoe -> tomoe_(queen's_blade)

    Another batch of QB tags to be organized.

    Also, Luna Luna's name is localized with space in Queen's Blade Limit Break, so I think her main tag should reflect this.

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