Please rename reichsadler into Nazi_eagle

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BUR #13547 has been rejected.

rename reichsadler -> nazi_eagle

I think an "umbrella term" that covers any type of Third Reich-era German heraldic eagle would sound more reasonable, because it won't cause misconceptions among people with lack knowledge of history. Not all of them are the Reichsadler. I will explain here:

  • The original Reichsadler was used as the official state emblem/coat of arms of the Third Reich. Its head is facing its right side. Imagine that word Reich sounds like Rechts (right) as a mnemonic.
  • The Parteiadler (lit. "party eagle") that was used as NSDAP party emblem has slightly longer wings that look simpler, its head is facing its left side. Both are not the same thing.
  • The Wehrmacht eagle which was often depicted as black shield-shaped Stahlhelm decals. The wings aren't extended, its claws are seen directly grasping the swastika without oak leaf wreath encircling it. Heer one is silver/white, and Kriegsmarine counterpart is gold-coloured.
  • The Luftwaffe eagle has both wings extended and curved, head facing left side, depicted as if it's about to fly and clutching on a swastika (no wreath).

Thankfully, the Parteiadler already has its own tag and explanation page. Thank you for reading this suggestion.


BUR #13548 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias parteiadler -> reichsadler

According to the Wikipedia page you linked the Parteiadler is the same as the Reichsadler, with the only difference being the direction in which it faces. The simpler form is merely a variant that was sometimes used.
The wiki for Parteiadler is wrong, the NSDAP used the eagle-and-swastika design before it became the official national emblem.

Translation of the relevant part of the linked document:

In order to give expression to the unity of the Party and the state also in its symbols, I decree:
Article 1
The Reich uses the emblem of the National Socialist German Workers' Party as a symbol of its sovereignty.

(The document further clarifies how the Reichsadler shall face to the right, while the Parteiadler remains facing left.)

Because this is a small difference and something many artists will get wrong I don't think there's utility in differentiating between the two.

Reichsadler is broader term that is also used for the Weimarer Republic. Besides that, the term 'Nazi eagle' isn't really used anywhere. Reichsadler is the original term in any case, even for the eagle used by the nazis. This means reichsadler should be the main tag with other variations being implied to it. But only if we really care about every single variation of the reichsadler.