imply male_spitroast -> spitroast

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Astolfo said:

Making spitroast female-only is gonna turn it into another "this tag only applies to female characters despite having the most neutral name in the world" and routinely mistagged as a result, such as how topless or no_shirt still routinely get added to male pictures.

Agreed, I remember a similar thing happened with masturbation being oddly treated like a female only tag for a time.

Astolfo summed it up pretty well. We've had the same conversation a bunch of times at this point and it's gotten pretty tiresome. The faster we get to these tags and fix them the better.

The_Bob said:

Why the downvotes? If we want spitroast to only refer to girl-in-the-middle, I can update the wiki.

Not good enough. Tag name needs to change so it's clear without having to read the wiki.