A special tag/section for "honouring" deceased artists (?)

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I am saddened today because I'm just too late to realize that the artist of my very favourited artwork (post #1450104) which brought me a lot of smile on my face has passed away months ago this year.

I have been lurking another well-moderated, well-administrated site dedicated for music database for a long time. It features special section containing lists of artists and band members who have passed away. Taking inspiration from it, what if in the future this imageboard features a special tag/section in order to honour all (confirmed) deceased artists, that includes their date of death and causes. It can be titled "RIP" or whatever it is. Thank you for reading this suggetsion and my thoughts. God bless them all.

We have In Memoriam, which contains tributes to deceased people and victims of tragedies, a few of which are tributes to artists on this site.

As for artists, you can search wiki pages by the text they contain and the page category (here's a search for artist wikis containing the word "deceased"). That being said, it's probably not the most accurate since not every deceased artist has a wiki page stating that.

EDIT: You get more results for searching artist page + passed away