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VR-Man said:

Speaking of Roto, the character's name is ambiguous with other tags started with "roto*", like Rotom and its many forms. I'll do this on a separate thread if anyone agrees.

Maybe it should be moved to Roto (DQ3)? I like the idea of keeping a tag to catch both variants of the character. After flushing things out, it turns out in practice it's about 50-50 male and female instances, so it's not like one or the other would be the "main" version.

Hillside_Moose said:

Should the assorted Dragon Quest tags attached to her be purged too? She's clearly an OC at this point.

It probably makes sense to keep the tag for the older posts like post #3253228 or post #2613018 where it's obvious that it's a genderswap. The alternative is to retroactively tag it as cosplay, but that doesn't feel right.