nuke playstation

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BUR #13838 has been approved by @evazion.

nuke playstation
deprecate playstation
create alias ps1 -> playstation_1
create alias psx -> playstation_1
create implication playstation_1 -> game_console
create implication playstation_5 -> game_console

Everything under the tag is now tagged with either:
playstation 1
playstation 2
playstation 3
playstation 4
playstation 5
playstation portable
playstation vita
playstation vr
playstation controller
playstation logo
playstation shapes
playstation move

>Why not do implications for them to it?
Nintendo consoles dont imply nintendo, xbox doesnt have an equivalent, and im too lazy to look at sega. if we want a generic playstation tag for some fuckin reason we have to remove it implying game_console, and have the main consoles imply game_console, the vita and psp imply handheld, the game controller implying it, and the move and vr implying it also