Animal tags vs animal_boy/animal_girl when tagging furries

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Should be furries be tagged as the animal they are (example: cat, dog), or with tags such as Cat_girl and dog_boy? The latter seems to slightly more common, and potentially more useful if it allows one to search cat+furry and get pics that include both a furry and a regular cat.


As far as I know, furries and personifications are okay to be tagged with specific breeds of animals they're based on, but not generic animal tags like cat, dog, bird, ect. That's why specific breeds like shiba inu can't imply dog.

I'm fine with just tagging them with respective "animal_boy/girl" tags, people can always black list or subtract furry if they have a problem with 6% of their cat girl searches being furries. There is however the issue of the alleged unwritten rule that tags like cat girl only apply when both ears and tail are present. You're better off using cat ears if you want furry cat girls.