Counter:Side-related Tag renames 4

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The bulk update request #14151 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

rename lani_(counter_side) -> lani_(counter:side)
rename rosaria_le_friede_(counter:side) -> rosaria_le_friede
create alias chris_(counter:side) -> christina_brecht

First one's for consistency sake. The second one, she's the only rosaria_le_friede in the website, so the _(counter:side) tag shouldn't be necessary. As for the third one, Christina Brecht is her playable character name and she'll be the only one in the site with that name (there are multiple chris in comparison), but in the story dialogue she features in, she's referred to as Chris. I'm not sure if "create alias" or "rename" is the correct option, so I will leave it up to the forum to decide if this is necessary.