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Qualify Evangelion's Lance of Longinus

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BUR #14221 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias lance_of_longinus -> lance_of_longinus_(evangelion)
remove alias lance_of_longinus -> lance_of_longinus_(evangelion)

Following a discussion in the discord, it was mentioned that the specific version of Neon Genesis Evangelion's Lance of Longinus should be qualified to the franchise. This would allow us to differentiate and disambiguate it from versions of the lance in other franchises (e.g. longinus_(weapon)_(fate) where there were some mistags) and also to open up the unqualified tag for any other non-Eva uses for the term (biblical, etc).

I did an alias / unalias as the tag is too big for a normal rename.

Aside from post #3475289 which has an originally-designed weapon that the artist is calling "the lance of longinus" (and is reminicent, but different from Evangelions'), the tag should currently be clean.