Not all Kalashnikov designs are rifles. (alias)

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BUR #14234 has been rejected.

create alias kalashnikov_rifle -> kalashnikov

Apparently not all guns designed by the late, venerated Mikhail T. Kalashnikov are not even rifles. Here are some examples.

I suggest this to make it more versatile and applicable. This can also apply to any firearms designed by him, including non-AK models, as well as those designed. Just because their platform and mechanism is based on the Kalashnikov rifle, does not mean they are rifles too.
I should not use this tag for guns which its mechanism is influenced by the AK and resembles the AK, but not an exact copy of it - Galil, Galil Ace, Rk62, Valmet M78/83, or the Dragunov SVD.


used_491970 said:
I do agree though, the way it's defined now it would be better off being "AK series" since it is literally just limited to various AK makes

It's not just about the external appearance. Not all things he designed share the same receiver shape. How about aliasing it into Kalashnikov design or Kalashnikov gun?

Mexiguy said:
AK/Kalashnikov variant

Kalashnikov variant is also a good alias suggestion.


nonamethanks said:
For reference, topic #18948 is where this was done. The point of this was to group similar-looking rifles together.
I don't think it makes much sense for us to have a Kalashnikov umbrella tag like what's being proposed here, post #5952916 or post #4821049 look nothing like the AK-series rifles.

Yes, correct. That's exactly my point is. A more catch-all term for any Kalashnikov designs, not only rifles.