Correction of taeminhyeon "artist"

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I was looking through taeminhyeon's gallery, and have started to believe this person isn't actually an artist. At the very least, a portion of what's currently being attributed to them likely wasn't drawn by them, but are instead commissions they requested.

Several posts (e.g. post #4047108, post #4805406, post #4957518, post #4957930) mention in the commentary being commissions, and some even credit other artists. Others (e.g. post #5034666, post #5034704) were tagged "commission" at the pixiv source, though with no other information provided.

Lastly, the artstyle varies noticeably from post to post, making it very unlikely these were all drawn by one person.

Username_Hidden said:

I think it would be worth keeping the "artist" tag, to at least have them all grouped in one place.

Only up until they can (if/where possible) be properly tagged with the actual artists. Commissioners should not be treated as artists, and any posts that can be given a proper artist tag should be removed from the taeminhyeon tag.