Own & Another's body part(s)-related tag discussion.

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The bulk update request #14311 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias hand_on_hip -> hand_on_own_hip
create alias hands_on_hips -> hands_on_own_hips
create alias covering_ears -> covering_own_ears
deprecate hand_on_arm
Updated the BUR

  • Let's make them clearer and more consistent with any hand on (own/another's) body part type of tag. Back then we have upper teeth, but now it's renamed upper teeth only - in order to clarify its purpose.
  • It should be clear if the character is covering his/her own ears or another's (we have covering another's ears. On post #5965307, the boy is covering his ears.
  • The Wiki says that we should refrain from using hand on arm. It deserves to be nuked.


The hand_on_arm deprecation looks fine since it's already called ambiguous in the wiki and we have already-populated alternatives.

The hand_on_hip and hands_on_hips aliases are probably also fine given we already have hand on another's hip and hands on another's hips, respectively, and it brings them more in line with how we've been doing other tags lately.

For covering ears someone would have to go through and make sure there are no instances of covering another's ears in it.

The tags should also be de-aliased and deprecated afterward if we want them split.

Unbreakable said:

Yet that happened with the Touhou BUR. Just my opinion anyway.

Wasn't that because it was an unnecessary change? It wasn't because it was old and big, it was because it was old and big and the change served no actual benefit for such a massive change. This BUR actually serves a purpose beyond just being technically more correct.