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The bulk update request #14396 has been rejected.

create alias rune -> runes

The singular rune tag only has 21 posts; runes has 1243. If anything we should get rid the redundant little one, I doubt there's anyone actually trying to find individual runic characters. And runes are frequently stylistic, not real text (ex: post #5411667), so adding "text" to the name doesn't improve anything either.


The issue is that there are about 180 posts tagged as runes just because of Nanashi Mumeis rune-shaped hairclip, and I would certainly not call it "text".

I also agree that most of the time runes are used merely as a stylistic choice rather than actual text, and tagging what is essentially just random gibberish as "text" is quite the stretch, and even if we split the tag into just runes and runic text, I doubt many people would be able to tell the difference, so chances are that runic text would end up probably just as a undertagged tag with a lot of mistags.

bipface said:

why do you consider this less 'real text' than any other runes post ?

Because it's an example of runes as decoration, not writing; they're just there to make the magic circle look magical.


The bulk update request #14663 has been rejected.

deprecate rune
deprecate runes
create implication faux_runes -> faux_text

We should probably have a separate norse runes tag and deprecate runes, because this tag is often mistaken for madoka runes or faux text such as post #5992172 or post #5957355. Maybe a faux runes tag that implies faux text. Putting this in a BUR so that it can be voted on before I start working on it.

Speaking of that, fake text and faux text both exist, and fake text has a bunch of fake/faux runes in it. I don't even know if we need the distinction.