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KagayakuShiningGate said:

Should it really? Official alternate costume and alternate costume are gentags, not metatags. Specific costumes in general are typically gentags, and not metatags.

it's a meta tag, i would actually argue those costume tags should get meta'ed as well, since the idea of a meta tag is that it contains information that you wouldn't be able to obtain from the contents of the post itself

if you don't think prototype design should be a meta tag then official art shouldn't either
because there's no way to gauge by the image itself that it is "official"

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  • Comparing official art with the tag prototype design isn't really useful. There is a huge difference between a tag, that tells us, that something is official art that was published by a company or in a game and a tag, that only tells us, how one specific character should have looked like. For the first one, there will never be any fan art, while for the other one, there will always be post #5960294 like this. I don't see any useful reason to make this tag meta.

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