Aliasing the Bushmaster/Masada/Remington ACR (?)

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BUR #14657 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias bushmaster_acr -> adaptive_combat_rifle
create alias remington_acr -> adaptive_combat_rifle
create alias magpul_masada -> adaptive_combat_rifle
create alias masada_acr -> adaptive_combat_rifle

I read the Wikipedia article of this modular assault rifle. It turns out that the actual current name is Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR). Differentiating point of each tags are the company names that manufacture and design it. Remington Arms manufactures the military version, Bushmaster manufactures the civilian ones. Magpul Industries is the company that designed it, thus it was initially known as the Masada. When it comes to appearance in illustrations, they look the same.

Why do we have multiple tags for the same weapon? Feel free to edit this BUR based on what will you think about this issue. Hear me up.