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With how similar the motifs are between cultures (paper lanterns, red themes, fireworks, red and gold, talismans, etc.), I think I'd prefer if the alias were reversed and the tag were lunar new year. There are other tags for things that distinguish a LNY celebration as being more one culture vs. another, e.g., kadomatsu.

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  • flatrute said:

    I only read half of the wiki when I made the request apparently.

    mass update chinese_new_year -> lunar_new_year

    should be the most appropriate here I think.

    I don't know how you think a mass update is the best thing to do here.
    It should be an alias, just as NNT said.
    Changing my vote into a downvote too, as long as it's not an alias.

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  • It should either be an alias from cny to lny or from lny to cny depending on how we want to name it. Making it a mass update from lny to cny does nothing (lny is empty) and from cny to lny just makes every cny post have two tags with 100% overlap (not useful).

    The initial utility alias from lny to cny was fine. Aliasing cny to lny might be more controversial though it would be better IMO.

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  • The bulk update request #14732 has been rejected.

    create alias chinese_new_year -> lunar_new_year

    Just gonna submit the two different aliases for voting. Next time please don't edit BURs after people have voted on them, otherwise nobody can tell what's going on.


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  • Talulah said:

    Sometimes there are minor issues that need to be fixed but the point of the BUR remains. Changing the BUR to something completely different is a different story.

    I (just vaguely, hopefully fully over time) get it now... I have to admit I am not a kind of person who take time to understand the rules first and then follow them. It had already screwed me various times in my real life but I could not (and do not know how to) fix it myself...

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