_audio tags category change

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The bulk update request #14830 has been approved by @evazion.

category chinese_audio -> meta
category english_audio -> meta
category french_audio -> meta
category japanese_audio -> meta
category korean_audio -> meta
category portuguese_audio -> meta
category russian_audio -> meta
category spanish_audio -> meta
category swedish_audio -> meta

Meta tags is reserved to contain non-visible information of a post, this includes audio-related ones like sound, audible music, volume warning and such.

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  • LQ said:

    worth considering rename to *_speech so that japanese music isn't tagged as japanese audio

    If you mean song lyrics, they're included in the audio tags. If you mean anything instrumental then anyone who tags that japanese_audio would have to be smacked.

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  • The bulk update request #15009 has been approved by @evazion.

    create implication english_audio -> audible_speech
    create implication japanese_audio -> audible_speech
    create implication korean_audio -> audible_speech
    create implication swedish_audio -> audible_speech
    create implication chinese_audio -> audible_speech
    create implication mixed-language_audio -> audible_speech
    create implication spanish_audio -> audible_speech

    Since the change went through, here's the implications for all of the ones that are big enough to be implicated

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