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mortalkombachan said:

It make it easier to find for posts like post #6006628, where the whole composition of the picture is about violence, and not simply someone kicking or punching someone in some part of the picture.

I fail to see the distinction. And it's a super underutilized tag anyways, there's only 421 posts, compared to 6187 punching, 8980 kicking, etc.
Even attack (another pretty ambiguous one) has 2191.

In fact, should post #6006628 be tagged kicking instead? (Or do they have to be hitting with the foot specifically?) The current knee_to_face only has 34 and seems to be used for both that same sort of flying knee as well as less-violent applications (post #4018419).

edit: turns out kneeing is a tag.


I think there should be a tag for "strong" violence, for stuff like post #5756805, post #5680184, post #5502962, post #5448006...
But I'm finding it hard to come up with a definition that wouldn't just fall into guro and wouldn't be mistagged on "normal" or light violence.

Ideally most of these would fall under fighting/battle + blood or something, but it doesn't help that fighting and battle have mutually exclusive unintuitive definitions that nobody cares about.

LQ said:

Add those alternate tags to the wiki before deprecating including fighting, battle, firing (shooting)

I've gone ahead and applied tags to all the posts that didn't have some other qualifier, there are now no active posts in violence -hitting -stab -battle -kicking -punching -wrestling -decapitation -slapping -slashing -elbowing -kneeing -corpse -impaled -ball_busting -ryona -reverse_ryona -strangling -crushing -throwing_person -torture -guro -stomping -death -firing -abuse -head_smash

In the process of cleaning that it became pretty apparent that the tag was being applied to everything from "gentle tap on head" to "aftermath of massacre", so yeah, I don't think it's been doing us much good.