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Buttjob implications

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KagayakuShiningGate said:

I don't even think most of the posts currently tagged as after buttjob should be. They all still have the guy's dick between the girl's asscheeks, it's just that he is nutting/has nutted. For after tags the action should be over, period.

But the cum is over the girl's panties, not directly on her skin and genitalia. Is there any other situation where that can happen other than a buttjob?

I thought the act was finished in post #5112950. I guess it's a matter of interpretation, but it looks like a situation that either needs to be better defined or deprecated.

The angle in post #2540060 is such that it could look like either after anal or after buttjob. I'd go with the more well-populated after_anal to be safe, at least until after_buttjob's definition is much clearer.