Imply other Mitsubishi branches to main Mitsubishi tag

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The bulk update request #15063 has been rejected.

create implication mitsubishi_electric -> mitsubishi
create implication mitsubishi_heavy_industries -> mitsubishi

Well, while they are de facto largely independent from each other, the associated companies of Mitsubishi still cooperate with each other and shared the same brand iconography like when they were united prior 1946. So, I think it should be implied to the main Mitsubishi tags.

Note: the request won't let me imply the Mitsubishi Motors tag since it is currently a general tag, can someone please rectify this?

HeeroWingZero said:

These should all be general tags. There's no reason for a car/machine manufacturer to be a copyright tag when they don't have any mascot or such.

Alright, I will change the update request accordingly.

LQ said:

nuke or alias? I don't really see much benefit in distinguishing them at all

Well, the tags have some niche use for those who are specifically looking for specific line of Mitsubishi products, like those who were looking for Mitsubishi cars for example. So, I think it should be kept.