Tail colours implications

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BUR #15761 has been rejected.

create implication black_tail -> tail
create implication brown_tail -> tail
create implication green_tail -> tail
create implication grey_tail -> tail
create implication orange_tail -> tail
create implication pink_tail -> tail
create implication purple_tail -> tail
create implication red_tail -> tail
create implication white_tail -> tail
create implication yellow_tail -> tail

Case: Attires such as shirts, skirts, dresses and hats already have well-established colour implications. Tails should follow this trend as their post count increases. This implication should make future posts with (coloured) tails more complete

On a sidenote, there also exists silver tail with a tally of 4 posts, which perhaps should follow the fate of other "silver" tags, like silver hair (which was deprecated) or silver eyes (which was aliased)

Nearly all characters with a tail and black hair have black tails. These tags to me seem like padding with zero usefulness. I'd be for nuking them for the same reason why we nuked individual colored eyelashes tags.

It would be much more useful for us to have a tag for tails of the "wrong" colors, though if we're not careful that will also turn into garbage because of all the demon cosplays with black demon tails.