Alias cropped_shirt -> crop_top

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BUR #15888 has been rejected.

create alias cropped_shirt -> crop_top

The clause in the cropped shirt wiki is, aside from being at odds with the far older and larger crop top's wiki and usage, laughable on its own lack of merit. It claims that cropped shirt is for shirts, while crop top is for other kinds of tops.

Right off the bat there are currently over forty thousand shirt posts also tagged crop top because, surprise surprise, for the eleven years that crop top existed before cropped shirt, nobody was following the clause in cropped shirt's wiki - and that hasn't changed since it was created just three years ago. All it currently does is needlessly fracture searches for crop tops between two tags, so let's just alias it to crop top and be done with it.

BUR #15889 has been rejected.

create implication cropped_jacket -> crop_top
create implication cropped_shirt -> crop_top
create implication cropped_vest -> crop_top
create implication cropped_hoodie -> crop_top
create implication cropped_sweater -> crop_top
mass update crop_top shirt -cropped_jacket -cropped_shirt -cropped_vest -cropped_hoodie -cropped_sweater solo -animated -> cropped_shirt

Mexiguy said:

I'd rather have crop top as an umbrella tag for more specific cropped_* tags than keeping yet another stupid one-size-fits-all tag that end up having to get split down line.

I've no objection to that; it fixes the issue I outlined while also accomodating for the hundreds of cropped jackets, vests etc. that I recently learned are already being tagged with crop top. This BUR will also populate cropped shirt if we go with this "parent with subtags" solution.