Addressing the Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers Character Tags Early

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BUR #16221 has been rejected.

rename anarchy_(mahou-shoujo_magical_destroyers) -> anarchy_(mahou_shoujo_magical_destroyers)
create alias anarchy_(mahou_shoujo_magical_destroyers) -> anarchy_(magical_mad)
create alias blue_(mahou_shoujo_magical_destroyers) -> blue_(magical_mad)
create alias pink_(mahou_shoujo_magical_destroyers) -> pink_(magical_mad)

Since "mahou_shoujo_magical_destroyers" is quite the mouthful for a qualifier, I think it would be good to alias them to "magical_mad" instead. Magical Mad is the name chosen to represent the larger project, as they use it for both the main site and the official Twitter, so it might work as an abbreviation of the series too.

My main reason for presenting this is that there are lots of characters in the series who have very generic names: others include a character named "Slayer" and a whole cast of side characters named "[otaku fixation] Otaku". By changing the qualifier for these characters to something shorter, the character tags will be less noisy and hopefully easier to parse. I don't know if this would also require a "magical_mad" copytag to be aliased to Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers, though. My only worry is that the shortened qualifier could be confusing.

Also included a rename request for anarchy_(mahou-shoujo_magical_destroyers), which seems to be a mistake.