Are numbers symbols?

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BUR #16440 has been rejected.

mass update dated_commentary symbol-only_commentary -> -symbol-only_commentary

According to Wikipedia, "individual numbers can be represented by symbols, called numerals; for example, '5' is a numeral that represents the number five." But letters are also symbols and we don't seem to tag letters not forming words as symbol-only commentary like in post #2546794.

The symbol-only commentary wiki doesn't mention if commentaries only containing numbers or the date would qualify for the tag. I cannot find any discussion of this, with the closest being forum #192422. The wiki needs to make this clearer, and voting on this BUR will decide if we agree numbers count towards symbol-only commentary or not.

As mentioned on Discord, whenever I see a commentary that's just a date, the tag that comes to mind is definitely not S-O_C. I might consider it (think I have?) if I just see a random jumble of numbers.

Do vote for updating+clarifying the wikis of both. Personal preference would be that date-only commentaries don't have the S-O_C tag. Don't know if we have to formally restrict usage of it when the commentary is just random numbers stuck together or not.