Halo colour implications + dark halo

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BUR #16446 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication red_halo -> halo
create implication pink_halo -> halo
create implication blue_halo -> halo
create implication yellow_halo -> halo
create implication green_halo -> halo
create implication purple_halo -> halo
create implication orange_halo -> halo
create implication white_halo -> halo
create implication grey_halo -> halo
create implication rainbow_halo -> halo
create implication black_halo -> halo

I've looked through *_halo and found coloured halos are missing implications. There's also other kinds of halos which may also need to be implicated, but I'm focusing this BUR on coloured halos.


hdk5 said:

I'd prefer for black_halo to be a separate tag. Some dark halo posts (mostly tsurugi_(blue_archive) dark_halo) feature halos that maybe are dark, but certainly not black.

I think the dark halo wiki needs more clarification if we're going to separate those tags. post #5406021 is probably what the tag is meant for, and post #6136674 is simply a halo that is black. I cannot add black halo to the implications BUR because it had no posts, which I assumed has a reason behind it and was why I made an alias BUR.

After looking at your example, I agree they should be separated, but black halo definitely needs to be populated and dark halo needing more clarification on what the tag is for.


BUR #16469 has been rejected.

deprecate dark_halo

As above.

I'm somewhat neutral on this. I can see some value with this tag, as people searching it are probably looking for posts like post #5406021, post #5617003, and post #5603462. I just think it needs to be better defined. I'm also okay with renaming it, splitting it off to spiked halo, dripping halo, etc. tags (I'm not great with names, these are just suggestions), or just use fallen angel for these kinds of halos.

Edit: Forgot to mention this. The halo wiki defines [[dark halo] as "a black/'corrupted' halo". I disagree with filling the tag with just black halos, but 'corrupted halos' is a decent definition.

I've populated dark halo with black halo (plus other tags) and have now added it to the implications BUR. This search has halos which are black and another colour. I don't know what to do about these and don't want to make assumptions, so I've left them alone. Maybe we can create a multicolored halo tag?