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Here are a bunch of good artists without entries:
https://twitter.com/rios14__14 - OCs, yami_kawaii
https://twitter.com/moyoghu - Newish artist? Arknights, Touhou, etc.
https://twitter.com/bara_choco - JJBA fanart, primarily Phantom Blood

And artists with entries but lots of unuploaded artwork:
negiwasa555 - Original characters, nice stylized artwork
rottencrow - Highly detailed art + backgrounds , OCs
oniku_kui_tai - Nice style + unique designs
shirukokko - Demon Slayer fanart
nills - Arknights, lots of Chong Yue fanart
ann_yasu_d - Soul Eater fanart + OCs
pafujojo - OCs + Various copyrights
Emo37337640 - Detailed art of various copyrights
syrop_(syr_ooo_p) - OCs, nsfw yaoi
x_xinnnnnn - Slam Dunk, One Piece, etc.
japtangtang2 - Various copyrights; Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho, etc.
yuirua55234 - Mostly Arknights and Persona 5 fanart


Artists whose works I will approve without a second thought (provided your post isn't unsourced and/or a sample when the original is still available) below. I hope you can find something you also like in this list.


Fanartists with a good amount of unposted work. I'll be updating this list frequently as I add more artists.

One piece:
jyukawa (+ fairytail)
tong_noe - Zoro and Law
momoh_jiyucho - Shanks and Benn
https://twitter.com/drawingdump - Will approve finished pieces

xiaotianxia (+ monster hunter and other copyrights)
kharu11 (+ Attack on Titan)
shirashura - Flamebringer fanartist
haizi0812 - Broca fanartist

Golden Kamuy:
https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/88268517 - Mostly Koito and Tsukishima. Artist has a lot more art on their twitter.

Miscellaneous copyrights:
veron_1411 - ocs + various copyrights
inutora08 - Tokyo Afterschool Summoners
https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/10130188 - Fate
https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/1550111 - Slam Dunk and Mob Psycho 100
https://twitter.com/pnpk_1013 - Naruto
https://twitter.com/s_kinnaly The Legend of Zelda


I'll be updating this as I find/remember more.

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