deprecate antique_telephone

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BUR #18175 has been rejected.

deprecate antique_telephone

ambiguous. mostly being used for candlestick phones or particularly vintage corded phones. not sure if the latter case like post #6396371 need a more specific tag (there are a lot of similar-looking Google results) but antique telephone is a bit too generic.

BUR #18462 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias antique_telephone -> antique_phone
create implication rotary_phone -> antique_phone
create implication candlestick_phone -> antique_phone

if people would like an umbrella tag more. not sure how far back should be considered "antique", so I just went with the three types already being tagged. also renamed antique telephone to match our phone tags.

update: removed imply corded phone -> antique phone