wheel_of_fortune_(tarot) utility alias OR rename

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BUR #18542 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias the_wheel_of_fortune_(tarot) -> wheel_of_fortune_(tarot)

A not insignificant number of wheel of fortune (tarot) posts contain the extra "the" in the name, and the existing tag shows up at no point in the autocomplete while typing the wheel of fortune (tarot). I'm not sure which is the proper name (and thus which way the alias should go), but due to how common writing the name of the tarot card is in an image this utility alias will help the unfamiliar.


According to the tag list in the tarot wiki page, the Wheel of Fortune card is one of the few that exclude the "the" there, so it seems right to me. Either tarot is just inconsistent like that, or our tags for each cards are. As someone a bit familiar with actual tarot, I'm leaning more towards the former (as the phrasing you're trying to alias to is the one I predominantly hear referring to this card).