Change the alias of Type-Moon's Canaan

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BUR #18765 has been rejected.

create alias canaan -> canaan_(anime)
remove alias canaan -> canaan_(anime)
create alias canaan_(character) -> canaan_(type-moon)
remove alias canaan_(character) -> canaan_(type-moon)
deprecate canaan

There's a relatively forgotten Type-Moon anime named CANAAN which is an extension from the VN named 428, starring the namesake character. However, since this anime, there have been several characters named Canaan being created, which create some sort of ambiguity.

So, I would like to propose adding the "(anime)" qualifier to the copyright tag of CANAAN, since that's where most people knew it from, while Canaan (character) would get a "(type-moon)" alias instead since it would be reduandant to apply the titular qualifiers. Also, I would like to deprecate the tag canaan after the move as a futureproofing.