Xiaohongshu Issues

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Recently, my attempts to access Xiaohongshu have been hindered by this Recaptcha that's completely impossible for me to even attempt to solve. While this doesn't hinder the new bookmarklet in any case (thank god), it's still very irritating and gets in the way of things, as that site has a lot of art on it.

Is anyone able to help?

Hrm. Works on my machine.
I wonder if it's a connection issue on your end.

Can you bypass it on Icognito mode? I once had an issue with the Cloudfare DDOS protection screen that was caused by a bad Chrome extension.

The captcha works on my android phone and windows/linux PCs using Brave with multiple extensions. Slightly related, it seems there are images with blocked access, you can't get access by prefixing the files with the usual urls. I tried to bypass this and get post #7604080 to no avail.