Fairy (SAO) Canon tagging

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I just noticed the tag fairy_(sao) that was populated some time ago. While trying to figure out what the tag should be used for, I noticed that it's pretty much canon tagging. Simply every character that appears in "Alfheim Online" (alo) gets the tag right now, which means that something like post #7585978 is tagged as "fairy (sao)". I'm unsure if we need the tag at all, because you can just tag all the fairies in SAO as fairy if they appear like that. (like post #6031839)
But if the tag is fine enough to stay, it should at least not be used for "has pointy ears" and "appears in alo".

mortalkombachan said:

Pointless tag imo. It's also being incorrectly used because not all "Alfheim Online" character tags are necessarily fairies. Sinon_(sao-alo) is basically a catgirl but it's being tagged as fairy_(sao). Same applies to silica_(sao-alo).

The player races in Alfheim Online were all designated as a type of fairy, Sinon and Silica being the "fairy race" cait sith (猫妖精族 read ケットシー, though directly translates as "cat fairy tribe" in google) in that game. Doesn't change that the tag is pointless, but as a purely lore based tag it isn't being incorrect when tagging characters like Sinon and Silica.