Question about 3D posting.

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So, i have been looking around to see if there's a clear answer to this and i haven't found one so i ask here. My question is, is it allowed to post in game character models in this site. As in, a picture from a game of a character. I saw recently some nice looking ones online but I'm not sure if it is allowed since those aren't drawings. I've seen 3D models in this site being posted before, however, those are all basically from Blender or other 3D software programs, not directly from the videogame the character is. They are high quality and everything so I ask beforehand just in case it isn't, since I can't recall seeing in game shots here before.

You mean game screenshots? Among those also tagged with 3d, only five out of 131 are active. That's less than 4%. And I'm not sure game screenshot is the correct tag for all of them, so the actual percentage may be lower.

Quite a few of these posts have been manually deleted for being considered off-topic. They're borderline content, so they're not necessarily against the rules, but considering that 3d posts have a harder time getting approved in general (not counting uploads from Contributors and higher, which are allowed to skip the mod queue), getting these posts approved will almost certainly be an uphill battle regardless of quality.

Try doing a search for game_screenshot 3d status:deleted (don't worry about the third tag; it won't count towards your tag limit). If the images you want to upload are similar to these, then they probably won't be approved.