Character tag for an original character with no known originating artist

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I keep stumbling across pictures of this one character - a blonde catgirl with brown eyes and consistently the same maid uniform with blue bows - drawn by many different artists, but none of which have a character tag attached. I have compiled the examples that I've found into a favgroup here, and there are surely more already on the site that I just haven't found yet because, well, no character tag.

Here's the weird thing - as far as I can tell, it is an original character, but not associated with any artist. It's just the same person commissioning the same character (2 characters, actually) from a ton of different artists. I've tracked down the skeb and twitter accounts of the person who keeps commissioning them, and there's no indication that they, themselves, are an artist. (The name of the character, though, is contained in the skeb requests - "Cream")

So I think the way you're supposed to create a character tag, especially for a character with such an easily confused name like "cream", is "character_name_(artist_name)". But what do you do when there is no artist that the character can be credited to / when the creator of the character doesn't have an artist tag because they're not an artist? Are you supposed to use the commissioner's name instead?

I'm sure they're cream_(kkyuang) and mary_(kkyuang), the current qualifier is the commissioner's Skeb/Twitter handle because their display name is the name of the characters.

Edit: I found their personal Twitter and YouTube accounts by searching for their stacc username, and their display name is "황금나사". It looks like they don't have arca live/ruliweb/dcinside accounts, but I can't search it thoroughly rn. I prefer to keep the tags as they are.