Platinum Upgrade Raffle (June 2024)

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We're giving away 20 platinum account upgrades. Read on for the details on how to enter the raffle and improve your chances of winning.

Who can enter the raffle?

Anyone that fulfills these criteria:

  • your account was created before the creation of this topic
  • your account is member level
  • you have never been banned before

What can I win?

A platinum upgrade for your account. Here are the differences between user levels.

How long does the raffle last?

From the moment this topic is posted, until 72 hours have passed.
This topic will be locked once the entry period is over, so if you can post here, the raffle is open.

How do I enter?

Post in this topic. That's it.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

I'm glad you asked. The raffle will use a weighted random system. Everyone who posts in this topic has the same chance to win at the start, however you can improve yours by uploading posts to danbooru.

  • Every 10 approved posts give you one extra entry in the raffle.
  • Only posts uploaded during the raffle's entry period will be counted.

In short, if you post in this topic you get one entry, and if you upload X0 posts you get an additional X entries, giving you X times the chance of winning.
This means that if you upload 10 posts you get 1+(10/10)=2 chances at getting picked, if you upload 20 posts you get 3, and so on.

Make sure to read the Upload Rules and Sourcing Guidelines first if you decide to increase your chances this way. Remember: posts have to be approved to count. See help:upload for a general overview of how uploading works.

If you have no idea where to find uploadable content, this topic is a great place to start. You can also ask for help in the official Discord server.


Due to the ongoing payment processor outage and the impossibility of upgrading accounts in any way other than becoming an active contributor, we've decided to start giving away platinum account upgrades every few months, in order to give our users a chance at upgrading their account when no other (easy) way is available.

What if I don't win?/What if my account was created today?

We'll be having these raffles regularly until(/if) accounts become upgradable the old way again, so better luck next time. You can also just contribute regularly to the site by uploading, tagging (tagme), translating, or participating in discussions on the forums, all activities which can eventually get you promoted to Builder (equivalent to Platinum).


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