Tag Implication: cat_pose -> pose

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Cyberia-Mix said: Dunno if it's a valuable reason to make exceptions though.

It's a valid concern, and I have felt the same way in the past. Sometimes a useful broad tag is completely overrun by one narrower concept within it, eclipsing all the other similar concepts.

At the same time, well, the implication is logically sound. So I'll probably do it... but I'll wait a bit first and see what others say.

I kind of agree with Cyberia-Mix. The tags seem to be used for rather different purposes right now, and I kind of agree how it's done. If you search pose cat_ears currently for instance, there's only a little more than half a page, and only a few of them would even be considered a "cat_pose" Cat pose is often just a simple hand gesture to go along with other cat features like ears and a tail. Pose tends to be something more noticeable with the character attempting to look cool, sexy, silly, etc., not just adding to a cat set-up.