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One is referring to an action and one is referring to an object so they're not really the same but we can't very well alias it to gagged because you can have a ball gag on a wall rather than in use.

-1 to the alias. I think the gag tag should specifically be used for items designed for that purpose (whether being used or not), where the gagged tag should be used when when someone is gagged. In short those depictions of characters with panties, tape, cloth wrapped or put in their mouth should be put under the gagged tag and not tagged gag.

I was already looking at those tags, and I don't think it'd be an issue. Look at it this way, if you remove a ballgag from the character's mouth, it's still a gag with the purposes of being used to gag a person. If you remove a panty_gag or a tapegag, all you have now is a pair of panties or a strip of tape. Those "gags" only exist in context, the item themselves do not possess the identifying characteristic outside of that context as being a gag.

You can for the most part even remove a tag like tapegag, as a tape gag search does the exact thing. After clean up a tape gagged search then would even replace that (not that we need to remove that tag all together though, regardless we'll also need to remove some implications since tapegag implicates gag).


Not including improvised gags in gag seems to go against the plain definition of the word. Merriam-Webster defines gag as "something (such as a piece of cloth) that is put into or over someone's mouth in order to prevent speech". Dictionary.com defines it as "something put into a person's mouth to prevent speech, shouting, etc.". Basically, the fact that an object is put into a person's mouth to stop them from talking makes it a gag. I'd rather have the tag match the common definition of the word.

Of course, if anything in the mouth to gag someone was a gag, that would make gagged redundant. Most pictures with a gag should have gagged, though; only if there's a purpose-built gag (like a ball_gag or bit_gag) that isn't in someone's mouth would a picture have gag -gagged. I think it would make more sense to invent a new tag for that situation, maybe gag_removed. Then gagged could be aliased to gag. Tagging would be easier since most posts would only need one tag not two, and no information would be lost.

Except that a gag as an object can also exist without being used and can even exist without people, so having something like gag_removed is silly when it isn't being removed from anyone it, it still has an existence as an object within an image with or without people. Purpose built gags do not cease being what they are when they're removed and not in use sitting on someone's shelf. You can't put an improvised gag on your shelf and have it still be a gag.

Example, post #342559. The object in her hand is a gag, it's not in her mouth but we know exactly what its purpose is. If it was a piece of cloth intended for the use as a gag we wouldn't be able to identify it as such because it only becomes a gag once it is in a person's mouth, while a ballgag is a gag regardless of where it is.


How about you answer this then. If someone wants to search for purpose built gags then, you expect users to have to minus out every single improvised gag when looking under the gag tag? Or are you going to propose we make another tag dedicated to improvised or purpose built gags? If yes, what's the value of such a tag when we get the exact same results by not having improvised gags under the gag tag to begin with?

With the gag tag being used for purpose built gags to find purpose built gags all you need to do is perform a gag search. To find improvised gags it is as simple as gagged -gag.

That's a valid issue. If that's more important than stopping the inevitable tag misuse due to not having the tag definition match up with its normal English meaning, then I guess the current system is better. But I think having tags not match their normal English definitions causes trouble (just look at erect_nipples).

Edit: Adding an improvised_gag tag, as Log suggested in the other thread, would solve that issue. We would end up with more different tags, which is a downside.


With the current setup you have a pretty useful 3 combo with the tags though, well after the tags are cleaned up anyway.

gag search = purpose built gags
gagged -gag search = improvised gags
gag -gagged search = purpose built gags not in use.

How would the improvised_gag tag relate to the other tags? Would this tag implicate the gag tag or is it stand-alone? If it implicates gag how are purpose built gags not in use going to be found? Will this require a new tag just to find purpose built gags when not being used to gag someone?

Another question is where would the hand_gag tag fit into the new setup? It fits easily under the gagged tag currently as is.

NWF_Renim said:

Will this require a new tag just to find purpose built gags when not being used to gag someone?

That's why I suggested gag_removed, which could be used to find a gag not being used just like thighhighs_removed can be used to find thighhighs not being worn. So yes.

Another question is where would the hand_gag tag fit into the new setup? It fits easily under the gagged tag currently as is.

It wouldn't fit very well. I guess it would have to be de-implicated.

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