Tag Implication: breasts_outside -> breasts

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Hillside_Moose said:
Why would we need to create an entirely new tag for flat chests? Okay, maybe some pedants will cry themselves to sleep since it's not worded 100% correct, but breasts_outside should cover the entire chest range, not just breasts and up.

I agree. I only asked because if such a tag already existed this implication would make more sense, though I guess even if there was a similar tag for flat-chested girls it'd probably be better to merge it with breasts_outside under a more correct alias so people could use it with either breasts or flat_chest to find the size they're looking for.

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  • スラッシュ said:
    Not if it's implicated, it doesn't, cause then we'll get breasts tags on flat_chest-tagged images. But I do think it should cover the whole spectrum so I'd say this implication is a bad idea.

    Agreed with this. People can tag it manually, it's not like breasts is an obscure tag people aren't aware of..

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