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Tag Implication: gradient eyes -> multicolored eyes

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Shinjidude said:
Only problem I have with this is that it seems that in many of these cases the gradient being tagged is monochromatic, in which case "multicolored" really doesn't make much sense.

If I'm reading your post right, a monochromatic gradient would be one going between two shades of blue for example.

I tend to think of gradient_* (except background) as being between two distinct colors, so removing the tag from images where that isn't the case would solve the problem. This is just my opinion, however.

I agree that would solve the problem, and gradient_hair is currently defined that way (also people expect hair to be shaded, and would be unlikely to find a monochromatic gradient notable enough to tag with hair).

A monochromatic gradient (transitioning through shades within a hue), is definately a gradient though. I can see people seeing that sort of gradient notable enough to tag where a single shade would be expected.