tag implication recorder -> flute

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Hillside_Moose said:
Seriously? You've never seen a flute and a recorder before?

Again, common sense.

I've never heard of a recorder before, I don't know anything about flutes or musical instruments. I don't see how this is common sense given, you know, its basically a technical issue albeit a pretty basic one.

Common sense says that a recorder is a ducted flute.

It appears that you wish to keep the tags separated regardless of common sense, but being enigmatic and condescending about it is likely to not help your argument.

Fine, I apologize for my behavior. Irritation is never conducive to proper discussion.

I removed the bit about a recorder being a "fipple flute or internal duct flute" out of the wiki, since it's pointless trivia that's causing confusion. Recorders and flutes are distinct instruments, which is why an implication would be incorrect.

I'd prefer to keep them separate, and to prioritize transverse flutes in flute since that's by far the form most commonly referred to by the term. Conflating the two doesn't appear to have much value for Danbooru, unless you can provide a good reason to do so.