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Well... no other comments but I guess I'll implicate first (so *something* gets done) and then alias if more people weigh in and support the alias. I'm not opposed to an alias but I don't know my art supplies all that well.

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  • Just noticed this tag and came to tattle on it. I'm going to say aliasing is probably the only sensible thing to do. Copic is a brand of felt-tip marker. And, while they are doubtlessly high-quality (with price tags reflecting it) the result is not appreciably different from any other good set of alcohol-based markers. We don't have many examples of water-based marker in any case (actually, it may be fewer than ten. I never thought to count, actually, as no one who's the least bit serious about their art uses them*). So yes, alias away, I'd say.

    *I guess there are always exceptional individuals. They are rare.

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