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I realize many members of Danbooru are more comfortable tagging specific types of guns or tanks than flowers, but as the national flower of Japan I think this one deserves a little more attention.

They're pretty easy to spot once you look at a few pictures; probably most of you will recognize them from other pictures you've seen.

I just did a quick run-through of flower + kimono and tagged around 70 images, but my tag blacklist is rather ridiculous, so I'm sure I missed a lot.


Wow. I don't even know that there was such a flower or that it was anything special,lol. I guess we learn something new everyday. Thanks for new info on Japan and flowers.

Also, I was sure there was a discussion similiar to this last time right? If not then nevermind.

Actually, I've looked at the pages henmere mentioned and there's no mention of the camelia being the national flower (Japan never officially declared any flower as its national one).

Did you base your observation on this page: http://billbritt.info/Gardening/PDFGar/Camellia%20japonica.pdf

BTW, here's another page to supplement henmere's small list: http://www.theflowerexpert.com/content/flowerbusiness/flowergrowersandsellers/national-native-popular-flowers-of-japan


-blushes furiously- Ah, I can't find the page I saw this at; but it wasn't a very reliable source now that I think of it. The most well known variety is called "Camellia Japonica" and it's used along with other symbols that represent Japan (like post #774864), so I simply never questioned it.

It still wouldn't hurt if people tagged it more. It shows up in a lot of images.

henmere said:
Wait, I've thought all along that cherry blossom and chrysanthemum are unofficial national flowers of Japan...

Chrysanthemum is hardly ever tagged either.