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Should this be questionable or explicit?

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So, when I initially uploaded this, I rated it as questionable, and tagged it with sexually suggestive since it was possible that it wasn't actually what it looked like (i.e. her giving him a blowjob)

Upon a translation though, that is exactly the case.

Now, you can't actually see anything (although the penis tag is in there because it's auto-added to fellatio), but it IS a blowjob nonetheless, so what should it be rated?

Thanks for any opinions/advice.


่‘‰ๆœˆ said:
Questionable. Howto:rating explains that.

My confusion came from whether to consider questionable, because:

  • Actual intercourse, if portrayed in a restrained and tasteful manner (this can be tricky and is necessarily a judgement call, but if it concentrates on the act and omits anatomical details, it's likely okay)

As opposed to explicit because :

  • Openly and unambiguously portrayed sex (whether vaginal, anal, oral, or fingering). This includes censored images of sex, as the presence of censorship makes it unambiguously clear what is happening behind that censor.


I guess I should have just gone with my gut instinct and kept it as questionable. Thanks to everyone for the advice.