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I'm confused by the over-kneehighs tag. I thought any socks, stockings, or boots covering past the knee was considered thighhighs and there's plenty of images like that tagged as thighhighs already if I'm not mistaken. If this is to be a separate tag, then there's going to need to be signficant cleanup, and if it is to be a subset of thighhighs then an implication need to be put in place. Using _kneehighs secondary tags like in post #794968 just seems out of place to me, though.

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I had made the over-kneehighs tag awhile ago, it was with the intention of having something else to qualify images like post #442307 where the length was significantly shorter than a full thighhigh, but still over the knee. Of the original few I had tagged, I left the thighhigh tag on, since it still fell under what people would expect to find under the thighhighs tag.

I believe kneehighs covers images that fall under the knee, while thighhighs in usage here covers everything above the knee (thus making over-kneehighs a subset of thighhighs).

Do we have an example of something that stops on the knee and doesn't either end below or above it? Haven't honest seen one yet, though I've never looked either.

post #342378 is maybe a good reference for this, though it's kind of hard to see exactly where the knee is in the illustration. The chart includes thighhighs (as "stockings"), and "over-knee socks". The closest thing to ending on the knee is what it calls "high socks". I don't think they're very common though.

The over-kneehighs tag now has a perfectly reasonable definition and a distinct enough appearance, that the tag should not be dropped. The tag for our usage is a subcategory of the thighhighs tag.

I'm not sure where you got that idea that it was dropped, only one person said it should be dropped and that was before a reasonable definition of what the tag was for was brought up.

I'm not sure why you guys think this is so complicated, it honestly isn't at difficult as you're making it out. The only agreement was that things over the knees would be thighhighs. This does not automatically mean that the over-kneehighs tag shouldn't exist, this just means that it is a subtag of the thighhighs tag.

There are images in which it is very clearly visible that the legwear only barely goes above the knee, such images do have a visible and distinguishable difference from the normal length thighhighs images. It isn't unreasonable to have a tag specifically for such images. In most instances such images will likely be only tagged thighhighs, but for those who wish to be able to place a more specific tag (and as such also search for this specific type of legwear) there then would exist this subtag that could be added and used.


I'd like to keep it, I just need to know if some things can be ironed out. Because that zettai ryouiki implication makes things a bit unorganized.

It might have been my de-implicating 'socks from kneehighs' topic where this appeared, and I asked about length of legwear to qualify for whatever tag and then NWF Renim suggested over-kneehighs.