Pool Discussion: Food Porn; How literal?

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To me, the description on pool #874 means to include tasty looking food (post #836283), but it also includes posts who interpret the title literally (post #404619). In my opinion, "tasty food" and "food made into pornographic objects" should be in different pools if in one at all. Then again, this pool appears to have been mixed like that for a long time. It could just be my twitchy OCD-ness acting up too.

What say you?

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  • Went ahead and did that, since we got a definite answer. I didn't touch a handful of them I wasn't sure about, while containing suggestive or explicit things the food featured in the picture was still drawn well or appealingly.

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  • Shinjidude said:
    The shape doesn't alter the taste though, and chocolate-covered bananas — チョコバナナ — are a relatively popular treat in Japan.

    Cakes are good, but we're not putting every cake in the pool, i.e. visuals are important. But that's just personal opinion, I don't mind if it's there.


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  • I think that image is drawn well enough though to be applicable for the pool though. Of course a bad MS-Paint rendering of it wouldn't qualify. (I would say "realistically enough" to qualify, but I would hope that that kind of choco-banana not be too common in reality.)

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  • I come back to check the answer now that I have a free day to work on it and somebody already beat me to it. Oh, Danbooru. :D

    I think I'll change the description to something more concrete...once I'm done eating. Though creative and funny, some users are kinda dense.

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  • rantuyetmai said: As I see it, food has to be both well drawn and the picture over all is tasteful (ask yourself, do you want to eat it?) to be qualified. post #404619 doesn't cut the second criterion...

    The problem you're having is that you're focusing on the penis-ness of the image, which while understandably something people would focus on, is not really related to how it'd taste.

    More relevant for the pool is how the image focuses on the color and texture of the ingredients. This one fits - even if we have no particular inclination toward penis-shaped food - so I've added it to the pool.

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