Outstretched arms: Pick me up?

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Would it be appropriate to create a tag for posts like post #549742 and post #833874 in which the subject appears to be urging the viewer to pick her up?

Such posts are generally tagged outstretched arms, but that tag seems to cover a great range of gestures; post #845193, for instance, is obviously quite different than the other two posts I cited.

I realize that the subject's intent is subjective, but I think it's as clear contextually as other body-language tags like impending kiss.

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GrandAdmiralSean8 said:
Would it be advisable to alias "Carry me" to "Pick me up"? See, for instance, post #733762

Actually, I think the opposite would be better, aesthetically. Either one works, but "carry me" sounds a lot more like something a toddler would say than "pick me up".

A little kid saying "抱っこ!" may be literally saying "Hug me", but what he means is "Carry me!"

Hillside_Moose said:
Yes, jxh2154 meant we should have a new umbrella tag for both outstretched_arms and spread_arms, but everyone's ADD kicked in and nothing was done, as usual.

I actually meant outstretched arms as the umbrella (and did so) because right now it is absolutely broad enough to include them all and has no distinctive use of its own (nor distinction in the wiki, it merely says "Both arms are stretched out away from the body.").