create implication brand_name_parody -> parody

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I'm with Hillside Moose on this one. Moreover, calling what we use brand_name_parody for a parody at all is a bit sketchy in itself.

A parody is defined as "a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing", whereas a brand_name_parody as we use it generally contains no humor, satire, or wit, and is typically nothing more than an intentional typo to ward off lawsuits.

Futhermore, most parodies on Danbooru also typically combine two or more Anime/Manga "copyrights", whereas in brand_name_parody usually only a single real-world non-Anime/Manga-related company trademark is referenced and nothing more.

TV tropes' name for the phenomenon: bland name product while probably too tongue-in-cheek and opaque for a tag name here, is at least less misleading.