Paginator missing pages?

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Discovered this while trying to upload some of atoki's previous works: there are currently only 3 pages under his tag showing up in the paginator, but modifying the URL directly gives you a fourth page.

I would just make a Trac bug directly, but I'd like to know just what is happening before that (and the Trac is pretty well backed up anyway).

Updated by evazion

It's fixed now. Going to a blank page in the search results causes Danbooru to recalculate the tag's post count. I just did a search for atoki and manually went to page 999 to force that to happen.

As for why the post count was wrong, I'm not certain. As far as I can tell, tag post counts aren't updated when posts are deleted or undeleted. So I'm thinking some of atoki's posts were undeleted recently and that threw his tag's post count out of whack.